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GIFT Internship Program Korea 2023

South Korea is inviting applicants to apply for the GIFT Internship Program Korea 2023. Fully funded international internships are offered to the undergraduate students of the third and final year (fourth year) who are interested in ferrous tech studies and can participate in lab activities and show interest in the system.

The institute will cover all the expenses of the interns. International, as well as Korean students, can apply for the GIFT internship program. The applications for the GIFT internship program will close in the second week of May for round one and at the end of November for round 2 and the internship will start in January 2023. There are no restrictions based on culture, religion or country, so everyone can get a chance to apply for the internship. GIFT offers an Internship Program (Student Research Participation Program) in the summer and winter sessions. 3rd And 4th Year undergraduate students, who are very interested in Technology studies are encouraged to participate in this internship program. 

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This internship in South Korea allows international students to work with people from diverse backgrounds and share their opinions while working in the international working environment. South Korea has been a center of attraction for many young students due to its education system and fast-developing technologies. GIFT internship in South Korea will not only help students build knowledge capabilities but also introduces new scientific approaches.

The duration of the internship program in South Korea is approx. 4 weeks and will take place at Pohang University of Science and Technology. It is a private-sector research institute in South Korea; Pohang University has been ranked 1st in the category of 50 young Universities. According to QS Global World Ranking, it is ranked 77th best university.

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More Information About GIFT Internship Program:

  • South Korea is the nation.
  • Graduate Institute of Ferrous and Energy Materials Technology.
  • Time Frame: Four Weeks.
  • Deadline: Listed Below
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded

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Info About GIFT:

In 2006, the Graduate Institute of Ferrous & Energy Materials Technology (GIFT), based in Pohang, Gyeongbuk, South Korea, was established. It is one of South Korea’s few internationally renowned institutions of higher learning that is also fully accredited in particular scientific subjects. The GIFT Academic program’s goal is to help students build professional knowledge while fostering a spirit of technology and scientific innovation that is paired with academic performance.

The only accredited educational facility that provides graduate-level science and technology education is the GIFT Institute. The Institute adjusts its mission to meet the changing societal demands of highly qualified individuals in various professions who hold advanced degrees. Through its educational facilities and many volunteer programmes, the Korean Institute offers a wide variety of professional growth. Students and professors are encouraged to collaborate internationally and domestically, which fosters global communication and social involvement. Through informed knowledge, it seeks to improve students’ wellbeing. Korea is a desirable tourism destination due to its rich culture, stunning architecture, landscapes, forests, and delectable cuisine.

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What Are The Benefits Under GIFT Internship Program?

All international and Korean students are welcome to apply for the GIFT Internship Program 2022 in South Korea. The University will pay for every expense.

  • Accommodation
  • There will be no charge for transportation.
  • Round-trip economy class tickets for participants from abroad.
  • Living expenses each month (KRW 500,000 divided by 4 weeks).

Undergraduate (BS/Bachelors Students) may apply for a GIFT Postech Internship regardless of duration or eligibility. There is just a 1-month maximum duration. Only undergraduates are qualified.

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What Documents Are The Required For Applying For GIFT Internship Program?

  • The application forms for foreigners and Koreans are distinct.
  • Certified academic records (must be in English) If GPA (Grade Point Average) is not indicated on the transcripts, the applicant must suitably convert the letter grades into GPA and display it on the application paper.
  • Statement of Purpose (share your study plan)
  • Fluency in English is necessary (TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Consent to use personal information
  • A photo of the applicant’s ID

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What Are The Requirements For Applying?

Both Korean and international students are eligible to apply.

  • Candidates must be enrolled in their third or fourth year of a bachelor’s degree programme.
  • There are no limitations based on gender, age, background, or nation.
  • Applications from female students are welcomed.
  • Regions that qualify: For Everyone

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What Is the Last Date For Submission Of the Application?

The deadline for the winter application is the end of November 2022. January through February 2023 will mark the start of the internship. In December 2022, the result will be made public.

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Application process:

  • Click the link below to get the GIFT internship application form for overseas students.
  • Before the deadline, complete the application form and email it to us together with the necessary supporting documentation.
  • Send an email with your application to Eun Mi Jung at [email protected].
  • Email is the preferred method for sending applications but be sure to adhere to the deadlines.

Official Website Link:


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