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University Of Southern Denmark Scholarship 2022

University Of Southern Denmark Scholarship 2022 is open now. This Scholarship Awards provide students from throughout the world with the option to pursue postgraduate studies in Denmark. It is possible to pursue a Pre-graduate level programme or programmes at the University of Southern Denmark in the subjects of Neurology or Brain Sciences with the assistance of the scholarship. Because the scholarship does not have a set expiry date, applications are accepted at any time of year.

Living and studying in Denmark has been a fantastic experience for me. This scholarship would be of particular interest to international students who have a desire to live and study in European nations or who want to visit to a place within the continent of Europe.

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Info About This Scholarship:

Scholarships are offered these Denmark Scholarships six times a year, for a total of ten scholarships. During your first research year, you will be awarded a scholarship that is equal to 6 months of your research year’s salary. Applicants have the option of submitting their applications in either Danish or English.

I’ve included all of the pertinent information below. Please study the material and ensure that it corresponds to your credentials before applying.

  • Denmark is the location of the university, which is known as the University of Southern Denmark.

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The following programmes and opportunities are available:

  • Pre-graduate scholarship
  • Tuition Fee Scholarship
  • Deadline: Applications are accepted at any time.

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Fields that are available for University of Southern Denmark Scholarship:

Students may pick from among the following disciplines to pursue as part of this scholarship programme.

  1. Neurology
  2. Students in the Brain Sciences programme are eligible for a 6-month scholarship that covers the first six months of their research year.


 All nationals are eligible to apply for the University of Southern Denmark Scholarship, according to the following criteria:

  • Research on the brain/neuromuscular system must be the focus of the study.
    • The project’s emphasis must be on translational research in some way.
    • In order to assure the quality of treatment offered, a minimum of two units (KI, IMM, IRS, Psychiatry) should collaborate to provide the best possible outcome.
    • You are eligible to apply if you are involved in any research field.
  • Student applications should be submitted under the supervision of their supervisors. (The application may be prepared in Danish or English with a Danish title.)
    • If the project has already begun, a progress report can be included in the application/ protocol (upload approvals).

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Information on how to apply for the University of Southern Denmark Scholarship in 2022:

You must complete the application form and email it to as a single pdf file in order to be considered.

Must visit the official website for complete information, this is a summary of the official post.


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