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Simon Fraser University Scholarships 2023

Simon Fraser University Scholarships 2023 are open now. SFU had 25.595 undergraduates in the Fall 2021 semester, with 12,812 full-time and 12,783 part-time students. International students made up 21% of the undergraduate student body, with over 85 percent coming from Asia, with China accounting for 43 percent. In the Fall 2021 semester, the institution enrolled 4,701 graduate students, with international students accounting for 32% of the graduate student enrollment.

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Brief Details About Simon Fraser University Scholarships 2023

  • Country: Canada
  • Organization: Simon Fraser University
  • Type: Postgraduate
  • Deadline of application: Not specified

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Work-Study program

The Work-Study Program provides students with the chance to work on research projects while also earning money. You’ll also develop your co-curriculum record and receive vital experience communicating with diverse members of the SFU community. Work-Study hours are flexible, on campus, and monitored because a student’s main commitment is to his or her education.


Awards are granted in honour of outstanding achievements or services to the community in the areas of intellectual, cultural, social, or athletic endeavours. Both Canadian and international students are eligible for awards.

Service Awards of SFU

SFU Service Awards applications are accepted every year by Financial Aid and Awards. The SFU Service Awards honour excellent unpaid service, leadership, and volunteer work to the University community and/or the community at large. SFU undergraduate students are eligible for these honours, however the B.C. Sugar Achievement Award is also open to SFU faculty members.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must have completed at least 12 units of regular graded courses at SFU to apply for a scholarship.
  • Be enrolled in at least 12 units of normal graded courses at SFU during the application period.
  • have a least 3.50 CGPA at SFU
  • Please keep in mind that 3 Unit Co-op is not a graded course. There are no exemptions for challenge, audit, or credit-free courses.
  • If a student with a handicap is enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of regular graded courses and satisfies all other qualifying conditions, he or she is entitled to apply for scholarships. The student must submit a letter from SFU’s Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) stating that they are registered with the Centre at the time of application (CAL).
  • All additional University-sponsored scholarships are open to students who have received an SFU admission award.
  • A student who has been awarded an SFU entry scholarship is ineligible for any other University-sponsored scholarship until the entrance scholarship has been completely paid out. Any term in which an admission scholarship is postponed is covered by this policy.
  • Some financial help is reserved exclusively for Indigenous students.

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Application period of Simon Fraser University Fall 2022

There will be other application windows following this one, however they will begin in November for the spring semester.

July 4 – July 22, 2022Week of August 1, 2022Work-Study
August 29 – September 16, 2022Week of October 24, 2022Bursary
August 29 – September 16, 2022Week of October 24, 2022Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards
variesNotification: varies
Payment: Week of September 12, 2022
Entrance Scholarships and Awards

How you can apply for Simon Fraser University?

The application for summer 2022 will open on May 2, 2022.

  • Go to application deadlines .To find out about the application period and the final deadline.
  • Determine which scholarships/awards you wish to apply.
  • Log in to the student information system. to apply online
  • Select “Student Center” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Financial Aid and Awards for further information (under Finances).
  • Select “Apply for Scholarships/Awards” from the drop-down menu.
  • On your online application, make a list of the scholarships/awards you wish to apply for.
  • Fill out and send in your application.
  • As soon as feasible, set up direct deposit (managed by the Student Accounts Office) to collect any reimbursements you may be qualified for.
  • Both the SFU Employee Tuition Waiver and the SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship express support for your SFU tuition payments. Both can help you with money up to the cost of your tuition. In week 3 of the term, the SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship is applied to your Student Account. The money for the Open Undergraduate Scholarship does not cover the entire cost of your tuition. As a result, the SFU Employee Tuition Waiver will be applied later (typically in week 5 after the start of school) and will cover the remaining tuition payments.
  • For example, if your tuition is $2500 and you receive a $1200 Open Scholarship, the remaining $1300 will be covered by the SFU Employee Tuition Waiver.

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