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TOP 5 Scholarships in Denmark 2023 list is available below! This is exactly what you’ve been searching for, and it’s right here in front of you. Those who are citizens of the European Union as well as non-EU nationals may get free education in Denmark.

I received all of my graduate school funding via a scholarship in Denmark, and I’ve compiled a list of the greatest opportunities for you to do the same.

So why study in Denmark?

The Danish government provides a wide range of social services to its citizens, and in return, the country’s health care system is completely free. According to the most recent World Happiness Report, Denmark ranked third among the world’s happiest nations in 2020.

The crime rate in Denmark is among the lowest in Europe, making it one of the safest countries on the continent. Quality is the hallmark of Denmark’s education system. Education in Denmark is also free for all citizens, regardless of whether they are matriculating at the bachelor or undergraduate or graduate levels.

It is possible to see some of Denmark’s most well-known landmarks, including the Frederiksborg Palace, the Oresund Bridge, the Kronborg Castle, and the Tivoli Gardens.

1. Danish Government Scholarships – UCPH:

  • A monthly stipend is included in the scholarship amount.
  • A graduate degree is required for admission.
  • In Denmark, the Institution of Copenhagen (UCPH) is regarded as the country’s oldest university that continues to provide high-quality education. In addition, it provides financial aid to university graduate students from other countries. The Danish government provides funding for this prize, which has a limited number of beneficiaries. International students with exceptional academic records are eligible for this award.
  • As a condition of receiving this scholarship in Denmark, the candidate must be a non-EU/EEA/Swiss national. In addition, the candidate must be completely approved by the institution and the programme of his choice. International graduate students who meet the requirements for this grant do not need to submit an application. Whether your department is eligible, please check the scholarship page to determine if and what the requirements are for your programme.
  • In order to reach out to the students who have been nominated, the university will do so by email. Please respond to the email if you’ve been nominated and you’d want to accept the scholarship. Please be aware that the time for earning the scholarship has passed. The scholarship will be terminated if it is not accepted by the deadline and awarded to other students. Finally, there are certain conditions that are peculiar to each university.

2. University College of Northern Denmark Scholarships:

  • Amount: 30% – 50% reduction on tuition fees for eligible students
  • Undergraduate programmes are eligible for consideration.
  • An educational institution in Hjrring in northern Denmark strives to deliver high-quality teaching and research in the fields of health and technology, as well as in the social sciences. Scholarships for overseas students are also available from the university.
  • The university’s Denmark scholarship is a decrease in tuition fees for the whole programme. Exceptional foreign students who are enrolled in English-taught undergraduate programmes at the institution are eligible to apply for this prize. Complete the university’s online application to get the process started.
  • Your relevant professional experience, educational background, and a motivation letter are all necessary components of your application form. You’ll also be asked to provide a copy of your English proficiency test results, which must be linked to the online application form.

3. Copenhagen Business School Scholarship:

  • Scholarship Amount: DKK 7,000 per month in stipend and remission of tuition fees
  • Graduation from a four-year college or university is required for consideration.
  • For students from non-EU or EEA countries, the Copenhagen Business School provides scholarships. Those who are highly qualified full-time graduate students at the institution are awarded this government-funded grant. You may declare your intention to apply for this scholarship on the entrance site, along with the required documentation. Applicants are evaluated by a committee within the institution. Those who have been accepted will be contacted.
  • In order to be considered for this scholarship, you must provide official transcripts from all of your prior schools, as well as results from an English proficiency test and a letter of recommendation. Your scholarship application will be built around these materials.
  • If you are selected for this scholarship in Denmark, you must accept it right away since you only have five days to accept it. Your scholarship will be maintained if you maintain an excellent academic record in your relevant degrees. You’ll have to pay tuition if you didn’t reach the minimum grade point average or finish the semester.

4. IT University of Copenhagen scholarship:

  • Amount of the Scholarship: Enough to pay all of your college expenses, plus a monthly stipend.
  • Master’s degree or higher (MSc)
  • Information technology is the primary focus of the IT University of Copenhagen, which is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. International graduate students (MSc) are eligible for scholarships from this organisation. Three or four overseas students are given this Denmark scholarship by the state.
  • This scholarship does not need a separate application. This grant is available to all accepted overseas MSc students. In order to determine who will get the award, the institution uses a set of criteria to determine which students have obtained the top grades. In their letter of acceptance, beneficiaries of this award are notified.

5. Aarhus University Ph.D. fellowships and scholarships:

  • Amount: Tuition discount and other incentives
  • A Ph.D. degree is required to apply.
  • Aspiring foreign doctoral candidates may apply for financial aid from Aarhus University. The institution is promoting its Ph.D. programmes in Denmark with these scholarships. Scholarships may vary based on the degree you choose, since there are various departments and lengths of study. The eligibilities for each form of scholarship are varied.
  • You must pass a qualifying test with a certain number of ECTS credits to get a Ph.D. scholarship or fellowship. It depends on the duration of your Ph.D. In addition, each department has its own application process, processes, and deadlines. The vast majority of applications are submitted online. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the department or the university.

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