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Romania Government Scholarship 2023

Romania Government Scholarship 2023 is open now. One of the top fully supported scholarships in Europe for 2023 is the Romanian Government Scholarship, which allows students to experience Romanian culture while still pursuing their academic goals. Romania scholarship 2023 is available to the brightest and most academically accomplished students who are keen to continue their studies at institutions with a strong cultural heritage. Additionally, the scholarship in a nation of Europe is proof of the recipient’s excellence and top-notch knowledge of education. This fact also acts as a catalyst for more favorable job prospects and a stable career.

The scholarships offered in this fully financed programme include PhD, Masters, and Bachelors scholarships. Through its minister of foreign affairs, the Romanian government funds all of these scholarships each year in practically every subject of study. Therefore, this is the ideal opportunity for overseas students to earn a bachelor’s, masters, or PhD from Europe without paying a cent. Additionally, Romania is renowned for its high standards in education. The nation has made progress in advancing education and achieving the UN’s sustainable development objectives throughout time. Students from 151 different countries are now studying in Romania, which is a result of the country’s acceptance of diversity and high educational standards.

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The scholarship programme in Romania attempts to attract the brightest minds from around the globe and bring them for free to Romania in order to recognize their superior academic ability. Given that the country’s 7% yearly growth rate—the greatest growth rate of any country in the European Union—the kids would have higher chances of success in this setting. Additionally, Romania’s economy is mostly service-based, and its main industries include manufacturing, energy, and autos like DACIA and OMV Petrom. It demonstrates that the future of employment chances for students who come to Romania on scholarships is quite bright.

The Romanian scholarship for international students 2023 offers an excellent opportunity to discover Romania’s charms. The nation borders the Black Sea and is situated at the intersection of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It also includes Transylvania and some gorgeous mountains. Romania is a country rich in folklore, life, and national objects. Dracula is the subject of one of the most widely read tales. Additionally, it features fortified Romanesque architecture or churches from the 13th and 14th centuries. More than just a nation, Romania is much more. The courses given through this scholarship are in Romanian because the majority of the population there speaks that language. The paragraphs that follow go into further detail on the Romanian scholarships available throughout Europe.

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Romania Government Scholarship 2023:

Host Country:

  • Romania

Scholarship By:

  • By the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Foreign


  • Romania eligible Universities

Degree Levels:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • Master’s Degree Program
  • Doctorate Degree Program

Scholarship Duration of the Government of Romania Scholarships:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program (5 years)
  • Master’s Degree Program (3 years)
  • Doctorate Degree Program (5 years)

Benefits of Romania Government Scholarship 2022:

• The scholars will not be needed to pay any registration costs, other application fees, or the entrance fee to compete for doctoral studies, which are necessary for the assessment of Romanian language proficiency, any aptitude test, or other application expenses.

• The students will get a year of free Romanian language instruction, which implies that the cost of the prerequisite course will be waived.

• The cost of the actual course’s tuition will be paid.

• The students will get a stipend of 65 euros per month for bachelor’s degrees, 75 euros each master’s degree, and 85 euros per PhD.

• The costs associated with lodging in dorms for students will be covered.

• Free, complete medical care will be given to the students.

• There will be discounts for local transportation. It might be a domestic automobile, a local public transportation system, or the military.

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Eligibility Criteria of Romania Government Scholarship 2023:

• Any student who is not an EU citizen may apply.

• The pupils’ academic performance must be exceptional.

• Applicants who currently hold another Romanian Scholarship are ineligible.

• A one-year-long Romanian preparation course is required of all Bachelor and master’s candidates.

Both English and Romanian are options for PhD candidates who choose to continue their studies in those languages.

• An entrance exam must be passed by PhD candidates.

• A national who is under Romanian protection or who has asked for Romanian protection is ineligible to apply.

• Personnel from the technical and administrative departments of the Romanian Foreign Ministry are ineligible to apply.

• Applicants who work for international organizations with offices in Romania or their immediate families are not eligible.

• All stateless individuals who are present on Romanian soil and who have legal recognition are disqualified.

How to Apply for the Romania Government Scholarship 2023?

  • The applicants must submit their online applications form on Romania Platform.
  • Visit the site, and then click the icon that says, “Apply for MFA Scholarship.”
  • The candidates must submit their materials in the specified format.
  • Each document must be scanned separately and saved as a PDF.
  • The candidates must adhere completely to the application submission procedure.

Documents Required Romanian Scholarships 2023 in Europe:

  • Degree Transcript copies
  • Language Certificates
  • CV.

Romania Scholarship Deadline 2023:

  • 15 March 2023.

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