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PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024 is open now. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) stands upon a rich legacy, renowned for its contributions to iconic Dutch waterworks and advancements in biotech. As a leading global university, TU Delft merges science, engineering, and design to pioneer education, research, and innovation. Our pursuits tackle challenges across energy, climate, mobility, health, and digital society, propelling us towards impactful solutions.

Embracing diversity as a fundamental value, we strive to be a welcoming home for all, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives flourish. We believe in the power of varied viewpoints and qualities to enhance innovation, invigorate our community, and foster global fairness. Collaboratively, we envision, create, and implement technological solutions that positively impact the world at large. Join us in applying your skills and ideas; your application will be considered thoughtfully.

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At the Faculty of Applied Sciences, a vibrant scientific ecosystem thrives, comprising over 1,100 employees, including 150 trailblazing principal investigators, and a dedicated student community of approximately 3,600. Our focus on pivotal technologies such as quantum- and nanotechnology, photonics, biotechnology, synthetic biology, and materials for energy storage and conversion drives us to address 21st-century challenges. Through our broad Bachelor’s and specialized Master’s programs, coupled with robust research elements, we aim to nurture innovative minds.

In fields spanning Life and Health Science & Technology, Nanoscience, Chemical Engineering, Radiation Science & Technology, and Engineering Physics, our researchers pursue groundbreaking fundamental and applied studies. Particularly in industrial and environmental biotechnology, innovation is crucial for sustainable production, encompassing fuels, chemicals, materials, and circular economy solutions.

The Department of Biotechnology drives this research area, exploring and developing new Biobased catalysts, microorganisms, and processes vital to advancing sustainable technologies. A pioneering field in biotech, Cellular Agriculture, seeks to produce (animal) protein through bioprocessing, focusing on methods like precision fermentation and tissue cultivation from animal stem cells. TU Delft, in collaboration with the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation (CAN), aims to address the scientific and technological complexities of large-scale cultivated meat production and precision fermentation. This venture, backed by a substantial 60-million-euro grant from the National Growth Fund, will propel the Dutch cellular agriculture landscape across Education, Research, Scale-up, and Public Outreach domains.

PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

Program: PhD Position

Coverage: Fully Funded

Nationality: International

Institute: Delft University of Technology

Field: Cellular Agriculture

Host Region: Netherland

Salary: € 2.770,00 – € 3.539,00/month

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Eligibility Criteria for PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

  • A relevant MSc degree in fields like biochemical engineering, (bio) process simulations, metabolic network simulations, or socio-economic impact studies.
  • For PhD 1: Essential experience in programming and/or process modeling. Knowledge in computational fluid dynamics or animal cell cultivation is a plus.
  • For PhD 3: Recent expertise in microbial cell line optimization (metabolic engineering, adaptive laboratory evolution, and/or directed evolution) is essential. Experience in microbial upstream processing and data analysis/programming is advantageous.
  • For PhD 2 & 4: Essential background in programming and/or process modeling. Experience in biopharma & food-related topics is a plus.
  • Proficiency in English (both written and spoken) is necessary, along with strong communication/reporting skills and the ability to work well in a team.

Required Documents for PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

  • Motivation Letter
  • CV

Benefits of PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

  • Doctoral candidates will have a 4-year employment period divided into 2 contracts: an initial 1.5-year contract with a progress assessment, followed by an additional 2.5-year contract upon successful performance.
  • Salaries align with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities, starting at €2770 per month and increasing to €3539 by the fourth year.
  • Enrolment in the TU Delft Graduate School provides access to an inspiring research environment, skilled supervisors, and a comprehensive Doctoral Education Programme.
  • The compensation package at TU Delft is customizable, offering health insurance discounts and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible work schedules are available.
  • For international applicants, the Coming to Delft Service provides relocation information, settling assistance, and a Dual Career Programme for partners. They also organize networking events to expand social circles.

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Projects and Research Groups for PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

TU Delft is looking to hire 4 PhD candidates for a cutting-edge research program focused on cellular agriculture (CA). The aim is to develop large-scale cell cultivation and precision fermentation techniques. These projects involve growing and differentiating stem cells under controlled conditions, alongside understanding and guiding the cells’ behavior. To scale up cultivated meat production, these aspects need attention: (1) Developing cells to grow on cost-effective nutrients. (2) Optimizing cell lines for high-density growth. (3) Creating new processes for efficient, large-scale cell production. These projects will contribute to designing bioreactors, large-scale processes, and considering the societal and environmental impacts of CA. The 4 projects are focused on bioreactor design, process development, novel raw materials, and sustainable production for a responsible transition to CA.

The positions will be part of the Bioprocess Engineering section in the Department of Biotechnology, aligning with various research groups. Specifically, Cees Haringa leads the Model-Driven Process Development (PhD 1), Marcel Ottens oversees Bioprocess Engineering (PhD 2), and Marieke Klijn focuses on Data-driven Bioprocess Development (PhD 3). Collaborating with John Posada and Lotte Asveld from the Biotechnology and Society section, expertise in socioeconomic impact analysis will be contributed to PhD 4. The Bioprocess Engineering section boasts expertise in mammalian cell culture, bioprocess monitoring, fermentation, and process design. These roles are integral to the national NGF CA program, and the preferred start date for these positions is March 2024. Please specify clearly the position you are applying for in your application.

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How to Apply for PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland 2024

  • Apply online for this position; emailed or posted applications will not be processed.
  • A pre-employment screening might be part of the selection process.
  • Obtaining an exemption from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) for specific research and educational areas is required before agreeing to an employment contract.
  • For information about the vacancy, contact Professor Marcel Ottens, group leader in Bioprocess Engineering through following given email address.
  • For inquiries regarding the application procedure, contact the Management Assistant, Ms. Kawieta Ramautar through following provided email address.


  • Last date to apply for PhD Position at Delft University of Technology in Netherland is 31st January, 2024.

Email Address of Professor Marcel Ottens

[email protected]

Contact of Management Assistant Ms. Kawieta Ramautar

[email protected]


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