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Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024

Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024 is open now. Opportunities are now available to apply for internships with Interpol in France, a globally recognized international police organization dedicated to fostering worldwide police cooperation and crime control. As the largest international police organization in the world, Interpol’s internship program welcomes applicants from over 195 member countries. Interns engaged in this program will receive a monthly allowance of 550 euros, with internship durations ranging from six to 11 months.

The majority of Interpol interns find themselves based at the organization’s Lyon headquarters in France, gaining firsthand experience in the heart of international law enforcement efforts. Remarkably, individuals with diverse academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply, as Interpol values a broad range of expertise and perspectives. Notably, the Interpol Internship Program stands out for being open to applicants without an application fee and without the need for an IELTS qualification.

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This internship program provides a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to global crime control efforts while gaining valuable experience at the forefront of international law enforcement. With its commitment to inclusivity and the absence of application fees and language proficiency requirements, the Interpol Internship Program offers a remarkable chance for individuals from various academic backgrounds to engage with and contribute to the important work of Interpol.

For those nearing the completion of their studies and seeking a dose of international exposure, the Interpol Internship stands as a fantastic opportunity. This unique experience provides an in-depth understanding of international police cooperation and the intricate workings of Interpol across its expansive network of more than 195 member countries. The duty stations for the internship span not only across France but also encompass other locations outside the country, offering a truly global perspective on law enforcement efforts.

The duration of the Interpol Internship is flexible, ranging from a minimum commitment of six months to a maximum of 11 months. This extended period allows interns to immerse themselves in the diverse and complex landscape of international policing, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and intricacies faced by law enforcement agencies globally. Whether stationed in France or elsewhere, interns have the opportunity to contribute to and learn from Interpol’s mission of fostering cooperation and collaboration among law enforcement entities worldwide.

Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024

Program: Internship

Coverage: Fully Funded

Nationality: International

Host Region: France

Location: Interpol HQ, France

Duration: 6-11 Months

Benefits of Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024

  • Applicants accepted from over 195 countries.
  • Legal age of majority in the applicant’s country of nationality.
  • Fluency in English is a prerequisite for eligibility.
  • Nationality requirement: Must be a citizen of an Interpol member country.
  • Enrollment or graduation from a post-secondary accredited academic institution within the last year of application submission.

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Benefits of Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024

  • An amount of 550 euros (Lyon) will be given to interns for monthly allowance.

How to Apply for Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024

  • Only submitted applications will be considered.
  • Application process exclusively through the online platform.
  • Required documents for application:
    • Cover Letter
    • Motivation to join the INTERPOL internship program
    • Interest and relevant assets for the specific internship
    • Expectations for the internship
  • Explore Interpol’s Most Wanted through the provided link.


  • Applications are open to apply for Interpol Paid Internships in France 2024.

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